Poetry Books #Water INJUSTICE

Poetry Books #Water INJUSTICE

Poetry Books #Water INJUSTICE Poetry Books #Water INJUSTICE Poetry Books #Water INJUSTICE

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Poetry Book #WaterINJUSTICE shares how the Flint Water Crisis, racist policies, privatization of The Detroit Water System,  gentrification, and capitalist have poisoned a majority 

black city in  America. 

Through literature, I have written poems of truth that will inspire, motivate, and bring awareness to travesty. No other book speaks facts like poetry book #WaterINJUSTICE

Genocide experiments might seem new but experiments on black people, such as the Tuskegee Experiment have resurfaced with the Flint Water Crisis. Flint has experienced lead poisoning and deaths by legionnaires  disease.  

Currently, cities nation wide are seeing outbreaks of  Hepatitis-A, which usually spread by eating food or drinking WATER contaminated with infected feces. It’s important our communities are  aware of water injustices because today it’s Flint, tomorrow it could be  everybody.  Water is a Human Right!



In  2017, I completed documentary short titled #WaterINJUSTICE. My goal for  2020 is to turn my short film into a feature documentary and with your  financial contribution my goal will be complete.  

Your energy to do more  and help push the narrative that all human beings deserve clean water  has brought you to my website and together we can make a difference.  Investors $50 or more will be invited to a private viewing Winter 2020.  

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“It  is always a joy to see rage used to its proper tone. Nzinga is upset  that folks have water to waste while others cannot drink it. Poetry is  supposed to teach us something and #WaterINJUSTICE does. Good for the strength of this young lady.”      

-Nikki Giovanni, Poet  



"Thank  you, Nzinga, for living up to the legacy of your namesake, the great  African Warrior Queen!  Your poems express a proud spirit of resistance  to the madness of U.S. popular culture that keeps our people distracted  from our true interests.  You urge us to turn our attention to the  critical needs of our people.  In this collection, the right to clean,  affordable water is a central theme.  Thank you for keeping the children  foremost, for greeting everyone with the profound questions, "How are  the children?  Are they loved, fed, protected...?"  Everyone will be  inspired by the sincere passion of these poems."

-Gloria House, Ph.D. Poet, Senior Editor

Broadside Lotus Press, Professor Emerita, University of Michigan-Dearborn


Poem 1 WHO?  from upcoming Poetry Album "For The Record" Black Forum Label Reloaded. 


#WaterINJUSTICE documentary short film will be uploaded after book tour.  You can view Arise News Detroit local activist interview below.  Asante'

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